Entering Discovery
The Art & Practice of Meditation & Transformation

Entering Discovery is the secret headquarters of Gabe Marihugh. Here you will find all of my projects regarding esoteric practices, sacred arts and the unfolding of the mystery.

“For me there is only the traveling on paths that have heart, on any path that may have heart, and the only worthwhile challenge is to traverse its full length–and there I travel looking, looking breathlessly.”
– Carlos Castaneda

Chakra Keys Online Course

A 6 week online course of chakra energy exploration and training.

Learn to use your natural, everyday experience to bring you into a deeper coherence of peace, creativity, insight and healing.

Discover how the chakras can be utilized to enhance your abilities to communicate, intuit, protect, change and unfold into your unique life expression, your personal communion with Creation.

An initiation into the equilibration of the elements, balancing your inner earth, water, fire and air to unlock the gates into the fifth element of spirit.

This essentials course includes:

  • Directly exploring your essential nature which is beyond yet imminent of any state or experience
  • Cultivating a personal meditation and energy practice with the chakras
  • Developing a healthy relationship with Certainty
  • Healing your relationship with yourself, deepening self trust and self honesty
  • Discerning the difference between your energy and someone else, and the many ways we misidentify such
  • Understanding how we get out of alignment with ourselves, with our creativity and with our path, and how to correct this
  • Recognizing the influence of Culture, and reclaiming your body, mind and spirit from the forces of confusion
  • Upping your power to create, and destroy (de-structure, break down), in order to more fully express yourself in this life
  • And more!

Free Online Guided Meditation

Practice begins, and continues throughout, with a mindfulness approach of cultivating direct awareness. In this practice we become the students of our breath, our body and our environment, learning to discern non-conceptual awareness and cultivate the beginner’s mind.

With practice, our capabilities for mindfulness expand to include learning from our inner world of mind and feeling, and learning from our outer world of relationships and circumstances. As our experience and insight deepens we begin to recognize awareness itself as the essence of all experience.

If you would like to experience my meditation class from the comfort of your own home, check out this page with my recorded guided meditations.

I will be adding to this collection over time, so keep checking back.

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Weekly Meditation Classes at the Sacred Garden on Maui

Learn the art and practice of direct experience, mindfulness and chakras in one of the most beautiful settings on Maui, The Sacred Garden.

Wednesdays at 12 PM.

For both beginners and advanced practitioners.

Working from the mindful foundations of the root practice we explore energy; our abilities to see, feel and change energy within our own experience.

What does it mean to heal?

To transform?

To manifest?

While there are many aspects of energy work to explore, they are all an inquiry into our relationship with Creation, a relationship which I call Creativity, and our relationship with growth, which I also call energetic maturity. Maturity, certainty, seniority, trust, permission, harmony, grounding and centering are just some of the many topics which are explored within these practices which are based on an uncommon approach to the chakras.

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Weekly Tea Ceremony at the Sacred Garden on Maui

Join me Monday afternoons at The Sacred Garden on Maui for a most delicious and mindful tea ceremony.

Come talk story over little cups of tea in one of the most beautiful gardens on Maui.

The ceremony is casual, conversational and Gong Fu Cha in approach.

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The Wild Harmonic Oracle Cards

The Wild Harmonic Oracle Cards are a modern dreamer’s deck of energetic navigational points, magickal perspectives and coherency attunements that guide us in our inquiries and practices to cultivate deeper understandings of our nature as awareness and creativity.

An Oracle Deck for the Waking Dreamer

Life as an energetic dreamer is dynamic, and one’s map must reflect this. The Wild Harmonic Oracle Cards are just such a map. It shifts with the tides and coalesces into a vision for the creative edge of the moment in which it is called upon. While it meets you where you are at in the process of unfolding, it also points to the balance points, the hidden relationships, the foundations that are being utilized and at play in the present.

The Wild Harmonic Oracle Cards are created from the basis of the western traditions of esoteric elemental relationships. Beginning with the five classic elements, earth, water, fire, air and spirit, and expanding to include two more elements, celestial and dimensional. To round it out, to “mature” the energy of the relationships, an 8th pseudo element, shadow, is added.

Not only do the elemental relationships which each card contains portray explorable energetic dynamics of life as a creative being, they also map paths to the often overlooked relationships that exist between the chakras, revealing a new layer of energetic inquiry for those who play in such realms.

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Draw A Card Online

Draw a card from the Wild Harmonic Oracle Deck online right now (free and easy).

Once you draw your cards you can read the interpretations easily accessing the wisdom of the deck from any device.

Using a deck of cards for divination is a very old way of sacred play/inquiry. When we draw cards in this way, whether we are reading or another is, we are taking a moment to ask ourselves for direction and insight. What better game could there be?

In my experience life is not meant to be settled once and for all. This deck is never meant to get you to a destination, but rather to give you navigation points in between the heres and theres.

In this same spirit I offer this free online card draw, and of course card interpretations, with no intention that they be the final word. While I am not saying you can put words in my mouth, I am intending that my words be the jumping off points for your own discovery of what all these cards can point to.

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