Maui Meditations, Events & More

If you would like to experience my meditation class from the comfort of your own home, check out this page with my recorded guided meditations. Learn more »

Learn the art and practice of direct experience, mindfulness and energy awareness in one of the most beautiful settings on Maui, The Sacred Garden. Multiple classes a week. For both beginners and advanced practitioners. Learn more »

Join me Monday afternoons at The Sacred Garden on Maui for a most delicious and mindful tea ceremony. The ceremony is casual, conversational and Gong Fu Cha in approach. Learn more »

Join us on the new moon for a guided journey, riding on the vibrations of didgeridoo, flute and crystals. Each month is a different theme and journey. Learn more »

The Wild Harmonic Oracle Cards are a modern dreamer’s deck of energetic navigational points and magickal perspectives that guide us in our inquiries and practices to cultivate deeper understandings of our nature as awareness and creativity. Learn more »

Draw a card (or three) from the Wild Harmonic Oracle Deck online right now (free and easy). Once you draw your cards the interpretations will appear inline so that you can easily access the wisdom of the deck from any device. Learn more »