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Chakra Keys Course – Energy Essentials for the Art & Practice of Meditation & Transformation

A 6 week downloadable audio course of chakra energy exploration and training.

$199.99 for this 11+ hour audio course.
Instant download of the entire course once payment is complete.

Discover how the chakras can be utilized to enhance your abilities to communicate, intuit, protect, change and unfold into your unique life expression, your personal communion with Creation. Learn to use your natural, everyday experience to bring you into a deeper coherence of peace, creativity, insight and healing.

An initiation into the equilibration of the elements,
balancing your inner earth, water, fire and air
to unlock the gates into the fifth element of spirit and beyond.


This essentials course includes:

  • Directly exploring your essential nature which is beyond yet imminent of any state or experience.
  • Cultivating a personal meditation and energy practice with the chakras.
  • Developing a healthy relationship with Certainty.
  • Healing your relationship with yourself, deepening self trust and self honesty.
  • Discerning the difference between your energy and someone else, and the many ways we misidentify such.
  • Understanding how we get out of alignment with ourselves, with our creativity and with our path, and how to correct this.
  • Recognizing the influence of Culture, and reclaiming your body, mind and spirit from the forces of confusion.
  • Upping your power to create, and destroy (de-structure, break down), in order to more fully express yourself in this life.
  • And more!

At its core this course is about changing our relationship with ourselves, through word, practice and energy (visualization and feeling), in order to liberate ourselves physically, mentally and spiritually. These techniques are powerful tools for inquiry and transformation. They cultivate an ongoing, personal reclaiming of our energetic and creative birth rights, and through this inner revolution give us the power to change our world in the ways we have long sought.

Below find an outline of the entire course, class by class. The topics listed below are based on the actual track list for the audio course. Each class includes a mixture of lecture and guided meditations. The meditations are their own separate audio track so that you can easily revisit them to deepen your experience.

Class One: The Root, Earth & the Presence of Being

  • Orienting to the Chakras: One of the main energies of the root chakra is mapping and the chakras themselves are a map, of consciousness and creativity.
  • Language, Dogma & Certainty: The trick to using language well is doing so with the full knowledge of how it is tricking us. Certainty is a key energy of this course, and we begin our exploration of it with the words of the course itself.
  • Belief, Disbelief & Entertaining the Idea: Another essential for this course is learning to orient within our beliefs and disbeliefs, both of which can equally get in the way of our unfolding.
  • A Storytelling Tradition: Some of my background and why I teach the way I teach. Why words are important to metaphysical understanding.
  • Poetic Truths: Realigning ourselves with the spirit of inquiry.
  • Ways of Perceiving Energy: The three main ways most people perceive energy and some other less common ways.
  • Many Approaches to Chakras, New and Old: What if I told you the chakras don’t exist? What if I told you there were different systems of chakras for different purposes?
  • Prescriptive, Not Descriptive: Cultivating the approach to chakras that is less about concrete realities and more about effectiveness.
  • Kundalini and Our Conversation with Creation: What is kundalini energy? How does it flow? Do I need to awaken it or is it already everything I already am?
  • The Art Therapy Approach: Outlining a view of working with chakras and energy that will cultivate depth, openness and progress.
  • Locating Ourselves: The root is all about location.
  • The Root of the Fruit: Understanding how the seed relates to the flower.
  • The Practice of Natural Light: This root practice is the essence of meditation and the core practice of this approach.
  • The Body Mandala: Exploring the natural experience of the body, environment and breath and learning to recognize all that it is teaching us in every moment.
  • Self Honesty and Self Trust: Learning to recognize the unavoidability of self trust and from that place cultivating more and more self honesty.
  • Culture & Ecstasy: The journey of creative unfoldment begins with a deep uncovering of the cultural indoctrinations we have all been through, and then orienting ourselves to the freedom beyond that starting point.
  • Certainty: There is no more addictive, effective and deluding force within and around us. We can learn to have it without having the fetters of ego that are usually accumulated by it.
  • Reclaiming the Body: At the root of unseating the power of cultural indoctrination is taking back out body, reclaiming our seniority over our personal experience.
  • Embodiment: How does manifestation work?
  • Energy Spaces: Beginning to discern energetic spaces and with that awareness becoming more able to navigate them.
  • Meeting Your Guardian: A journey to meet and commune with your primal energy of guardianship.

Class Two: The Foundation, Water & the Ocean of Other

  • Root Expansion: Working from the practices in the first class, we expand upon what we can practice and discover with the Root Practice of Natural Light.
  • Sexual Energy: This class is decidedly not about sexual energy, however some mention of it as an aspect of life is in order, to help cultivate a fuller picture of how creative energy works.
  • Gender Energies: Expanding on the previous topic and breaking free from typical Yin Yang dogma, we can find a very different experience of male and female energies once we see them for ourselves.
  • Original Wound: Learning to recognize and reconcile ourselves with how we got into this world, the initial severance that is the very gateway to enter this earth.
  • The Occurrence: Exploring the sacred geometry energies and ramifications of the the move from one to two.
  • Feeling Others: How our energy receives its felt sense of others.
  • Other People’s Energies: As we go through our day we are nearly constantly interacting with and exchanging energies with others.
  • 2nd Chakra Healers: We see this phenomena in all manner of healers, therapists and consultants. It is a self sacrificing approach to being of value to others which doesn’t tend to work out well for the sacrifice.
  • Water & Fire: As we enter the 2nd chakra we begin to meet the 3rd, and so begins our endless dance of the energies of fire and water.
  • Power Struggles: Understanding how power struggles emerge energetically can help us to both navigate them better and potentially avert them entirely from our experience.
  • Clearing Other People’s Energies: A core practice for growth is this learning to clear out other people’s energies from our own.
  • Enough Pain to Feel Real: An energetic-existential view of why we create suffering in our lives.
  • Asking for Help: Something our cultural training has usually left out of the program (or obfuscated under layers of metaphysical dogma) yet something that in its essence is incredibly healthy, and yea, helpful.
  • Anti Glamour Initiation: A guided journey to engage your innate ability to tell the difference between shiny spiritual objects and things of real value.

Class Three: The Jewels, Fire & the Forging of Individuality

  • The Use of Words in this Course: Now that we have gone down the road a bit, let’s revisit some important points about words and what we are doing with them.
  • Bringing the Root with You: So many modern chakra teaching talk about getting out of your lower chakras. Yet if you cut a tree off from its roots, no more tree.
  • Triangulation: Exploring the sacred geometry move from two to three and our enhanced ability to locate ourselves therein.
  • Comparison: The developmental stage of comparison (as I call it) is how our energies move to self define, to individuate. It is an essential power we want at our disposal, but which has currently been allowed to run amok in our world.
  • The Energy of Mine: Learning to rediscover the basic energy of individuality, so that we don’t need to waste our energy trying to undefine ourselves from others.
  • Clearing Out Invalidation: One of the main energies we discover we run a lot of is the energy of invalidation. We throw it both at ourselves and others so habitually that it takes an inner revolution to change that pattern.
  • Developing Strength and Sensitivity: Not two energies that usually go hand in hand, but which each become vital to the other as we grow.
  • Navigating the Path: How can we tune into our chakras in our everyday lives, and help them to be alive and healthy? Use these navigation points.
  • Preference and Alignment: Once we learn to pull our energies out of the struggles with others, we find an increasing ability to express and manifest our preferences.
  • Reclaiming Destruction: A whole being is not just a creator.
  • Demand: A tricky yet incredibly powerful energy to learn to discern, clear and wield.
  • De-structuring and Creative Wholeness: Let’s break this creative process down a bit.
  • Practicing Destruction: Learning to practice energetic destruction will bring more wholeness and harmony that you might expect.
  • Growth Periods: Something to keep in mind as you engage practices like these, is that growth comes with a lot of re-adjustment needs.
  • Unique Frequency: Learning to locate our unique energy and then from that space reside with our own unique frequency in our space, this room and beyond.

Class Four: The Unstruck Chord, Air & the Incomprehensible Whole

  • The Interdependence of the Chakras: It is easy to fall into the trap of thinking of the chakras as isolated islands. When the chakras are in communication they move to reinforce and support one another.
  • The Fruit is in the Root: Revisiting the relationship between the root and the flower.
  • The Paradoxes of Personal and Transpersonal: Here at the heart, the crossroads of heaven and earth, we must navigate the nuances of many paradoxes.
  • Shadows of the Heart: What is keeping your light from shining?
  • Chaotic Return: Here we explore the aspects of the heart that most people would rather spend their lives avoiding.
  • The Mystic’s Heart: Exploring spiritual love.
  • Chakra Purification and Discovery: The transition from he first three chakras of self purification to the expanse of the upper chakras.
  • Accessing the Undefinable: Navigating the less discernible terrain.
  • Developmental Review: We have been mapping our journey through he chakras with a mental-emotional-energetic developmental process, so it is time to review and see how it all fits together so far.
  • The Crossroads of Heaven and Earth: Inspiration for Heart Exploration
  • The Spiral Tree: How is it that there are chakras above (as in a higher frequency than) the heart?
  • Chakra Pairs and the Heart: Six of the chakras form into corollary pairs, all orbiting around the heart.
  • Expressing Affinity and Timelessness: The power of affinity.
  • Compassion and Wholeness: The power of compassion, not just as a nice way to be, but as a key to other worlds.
  • Maturity, Complexity and Harmony: Triangulating the corollary energy to certainty.
  • Healing, Choosing and Allowing: Learning some energetic healing modalities.
  • Navigating with Affinity and Alliance: Maturing our navigation to the heart level.
  • The Limitations of Energetic Spaces: How energetic spaces limit our access to our resources.
  • Processing for Others: How our energies try to help others but usually undermine our own power in doing so.
  • Processing Ourselves for Others: Something to become aware of so that we don’t waste our energy.
  • Processing with Nature: Few things are more empowering and healing than time in nature. Here’s why.
  • Demonology 101 – Shadows are the Light Denied: An energetic approach to communicating with and reclaiming our shadows.

Class Five: The Purification, Spirit & Experimental Inquiry

  • Becoming More Effective with My Voice: Exploring the expanded voice.
  • Developmental Voice and Elderhood: How the throat processes energy and where it is trying to go.
  • Navigation Voice and Moving Beyond Arguing: If we’ve practiced the tools and perspectives in the previous classes then we will have more say over our creative energy.
  • The Artist and Experimental Inquiry: Developing a ruthless approach to acting without knowing.
  • Voice and Expression: Understanding the radiance of choice.
  • Voice and Power: Understanding the wizard chakra.
  • Reclaiming Your Artist: Clearing away our invalidations to reclaim our birthright.
  • Life as Sacred Theater and Art Action: Some perspectives on spirituality as art.
  • Clarifying Manifesting: Getting out of the destination thinking and into the approaches of alignment.
  • Kinds of Truth and Locating Creative Energy: revisiting poetic truths.
  • Creative Healing and Accessing Spirit: Exploring everything as healing and validating ourselves.
  • Getting the chakras to talk to each other: Understanding the throat chakra by understanding the first four chakras.
  • Protective Energy: Using our tools to protect ourselves to give us the space we need to heal and unfold.
  • Perspective on Protection and Healing: How these two dynamics help each other.
  • Creative Immune System and Creative Feedback: Learning to hear how your creations are guiding you to improve your approach.
  • Playing with Mistakes and Failures: How mistakes can be used to become beauty.
  • Creative Crisis and Befriending Creation: What is your conversation with Creation about?
  • Reclaiming Denied Energies: How to work with negative energies.
  • Description, Sorcery and Assembling Reality: The power of description to elicit experiences.
  • Terrestrial and Celestial Energies: A tool for connecting with the energies above, below, within and without.

Class Six: The Commanding, Celestial & the Sea of Dreams, Dimensional & Beyond

  • The Chakra of Seeing the Chakras: How we have been working with the sixth chakra this whole course.
  • Common Ideas of the 3rd Eye: There are some great stories out there about this chakra, but let’s get clear on what we actually know.
  • The Ajna and Victorious Silence: Some perspectives that arise from an ancient name for this chakra.
  • Harmonizing Polarities: If we want to move into more and more wholeness, then we have to start looking at the polar energies within ourself.
  • The Sun and Moon and Consecrating the Chakras: Using the chakras, as we have been learning to do, is not the only ways they can be used.
  • Polarities and the 2nd Chakra: Going back to class two to understand the journey through polarity that we have been on.
  • Visions and Envisioning: What we have been doing with these tools and why this distinction is important.
  • Exploring the Chakras: Using a chakra for anything.
  • Seeing Through Polarization: Discerning the illusions inherent in polarities.
  • Neutrality and Amusement, Belief and Disbelief: Cultivating openness.
  • Centering: A practice to cultivate the 3rd eye.
  • Hallucination, Projection and Spirits: What perspectives are we approaching from and what are the results?
  • Gnosis and Maturity: As we have insights, visions and so forth, what do we do with them?
  • Knowing and Not Knowing: One of the core polarities, and one that is usually compromised by culture and comparison.
  • Enjoying Polarities: It’s not all about dissolving them!
  • Reclaiming the Abstract: There is far more to us that we can define.
  • Abandoning Practices: Discerning the natural movement of curiosity.
  • Psychic Pictures and Perfect Pictures: A way that we trap our energies in the past or invalidate ourselves so that we don’t progress.
  • Cultivating Energetic Flexibility: We esteem it in our bodies, why not in our psyches?
  • Unity Perspectives: A handful of ways of seeing the unity of things, from different chakra points of view.
  • 7th Chakra: Why there isn’t a 7th chakra class.
  • Astral Flexing: A guided journey to explore some energetic and astral flexibility.

What Others Say

“The Chakra Keys course blew open possibilities for me when using energy. Each class was full of mind blowing energetic insights, as well as exercises and techniques to connect to myself, and also connect with the world around me. Since the beginning of this course, I find that I’m able to command my energy more effectively, using it in both mundane activities and to strengthen my will in my magickal practice. I can’t recommend this course enough. ”
– Ginger, Grass Valley CA


“Gabe is masterful in his creative expressions of the mystical realms. His objectivity and grace are easily transferrable to anyone.”
– Ruah, Maui


“Gabe creates a wonderfully flowing and connected space that feels like coming home. It was like stepping back in time to a place where magick was part of tribal life, and part of my life. It felt like a remembering to me. In just one evening I felt like I was able to unlock my first 3 chakras, something I had been trying to do for years! “
– Misha, UK


“After taking Chakra Keys, my whole relationship to creation shifted. I approach my life as an artist with a sense of curiosity and play that feels empowering and exciting. I’m ever grateful for Gabe’s engaging and charismatic teaching style that makes dipping into this world of discovery, delightful.”
– Skye, Perth


“Gabe teaches meditation in a way that is both grounded and expansive. He approaches the chakras with creativity, humor and deep insight. Studying with Gabe facilitated profound spiritual growth for me and I would recommend his classes to anyone interested in learning about meditation for the for first time or deepening their practice.”
– Julia, IA


“No one and nothing else has been able to coax me into meditating for an hour. I can do ten, twenty minutes on my own but through Gabe’s gentle leadership I’ve gone on long journeys through my body and the universe. I’ve experienced trippy, gorgeous, otherworldly visions and traveled though vulnerable internal landscapes that have given me greater clarity in my conscious life.”
– Marina, Maui


“Gabe’s classes have honestly transformed my whole view of the world! It has become not only magical, but also playful. The amazing expansion of my mind and consciousness has lead me to realize that 1) Life isn’t THAT serious, and 2) We are making it all up, and we are making nothing up. This has lead me to a deeper state of mindfulness and deeper state of clarity within my own intuition than I have ever experienced before joining his classes. He has amazing things to teach, and holds the beautiful presence of humility in his role as a teacher. I am so grateful to have met and worked with him!”
– Lyndsey, Maui


“I highly recommend this course to everyone. It’s given me such clear guidance around energy hygiene. I’m so much more able to discern when I’m carrying other people’s energies that need to be cleared out and how this is just a necessary ritual that when we each do it regularly, creates so much more space and clarity in our consciousness and in turn, our relationships. Gabe is a brilliant, generous and insightful teacher with a gift for guiding students on a magical journey to greater self-knowledge and embodiment.”
– Jemma, Grass Valley CA


“I found the guided meditations engaging and have learned new tools to incorporate into my daily practice. Gabe’s approach to chakras goes wonderfully beyond anything you’ll get form a text book.”
– Cat, Auburn CA


“Gabe is a “real” teacher. Many have knowledge but not all can present it in a way that is accessible to all. Gabe has an enormous wealth of information yet was able to convey it in a relevant and organized way. The material in the Chakra Keys class was so deep and important, I am still in the process of incorporating it into my consciousness. It gave me an entirely novel way to look at energy systems and my relationship to them. It was both practical and so unbelievably esoteric that I am not sure how he accomplished it!”
– Maria, Grass Valley CA


“This class encompasses so much more than chakras. This series upped my meditation game and opened my eyes to so many possibilities for working with these energy centers. Gabe’s wealth of knowledge astounds me, and I appreciate how accessible he makes this knowledge. My only complaint is that I couldn’t always sleep well afterwards from all the mind-blowingness (although I could usually settle down using the meditation and energy clearing techniques from the first class).”
– Kat, Grass Valley CA

Who Is This Chakra Training For?

This material can benefit many different approaches and practitioners, including:

  • Energy workers, psychics and intuitive who wish to deepen their understanding of the different ways of understanding and utilizing energy.
  • Yoga practitioners who would like to understand chakras in ways that help both on and off the mat.
  • Ritual magic practitioners who want to strengthen their abilities to work in the etheric, astral and other visionary states of communion and spellwork.
  • Naturally empathic and/or intuitive people who want to get a grasp on and nurture their abilities in order to not only live as a sensitive, but also how to thrive in their personal life and be of service to others energetically.

Learning to Meditate

Depending on the context, the word “meditation” can mean anything from “sitting and doing nothing” to “visualizing energy in and around me.” In this course we will explore this spectrum of meditational practices and see how these seemingly contrary approaches actually merge to form a more grounded and creative whole practice.

What Are Chakras and What Can They Do?

The word “chakra” is another word that has taken on numerous meanings. What we often don’t realize in the West is that there is not just one Chakra system, but many. There are systems of 7 chakras, systems of 3 chakras, systems of 5 chakras, systems of 13 chakras and numerous other configurations. It has only been in our modern era, and largely only in the West, due to the misunderstandings of a few initial authors and the proliferation of their mistakes as dogma, that we have come to think of there being 7 chakras that are colored red, orange, yellow, green, blue and so on. Such an approach to chakras makes for pretty art, but will not get you very far down the path of wisdom and empowerment.

The main thing to understand about any chakra system is that it is for a specific purpose, or set of purposes. There are chakra systems for healing, chakra systems for communing with deities, chakra systems for sorcery and so on. The chakra system taught here is no different, in that it has specific purposes, but it is a very flexible and modular system in that it is easy to use it for different purposes you may discover over time, as you see fit and your creativity inspires.

This approach is primarily a western approach. Many of it’s tenets and practices were developed through the Berkeley Psychic Institute. In the original context they are mostly about training someone to be a psychic, perhaps a reader or a healer. I have taken these practices away from the idea of training professional psychics and expanded them to be able to be applied to the basic everyday living and navigating of life as a person who is psychically, or energetically, aware. If you are not already energetically aware, these practices help with that too.

Like a crystal with many different facets, the heart of this chakra system has multiple angles to see it from. Here are the main ones we will address in this course:

  • Healthy Energetic Living and Relating through Balanced Individuation
  • Untying Karmic Energy Knots through Developmental (Psychological) Self Healing
  • Exploring the Doing and Not Doing Approaches for Transformation and Integration
  • Reclaiming Our Energy and Imagination from Unhealthy Cultural Indoctrination

Put simply this course will give you a toolset to heal and integrate, to reclaim your creative power in this life and to understand how life moves inside of us and outside of us in ways that are more conducive to health, wellbeing, empowerment and relationship.

Meet Your Meditation Guide

Gabe Marihugh has been studying and practicing meditation and myriad esoteric teachings for over 30 years. He began working with chakras and related energy practices over 20 years ago with the Order of the Ascended Rose (OAR), a quirky little teaching order that aimed to train people to be energy wizards. From the OAR he earned first his ministers credentials, and many years of training later his Doctor of Divinity.

In the course of his explorations he has wandered near and far in the esoteric world. While many different teachings inform his approaches he holds ritual magic, chakras, non dual inquiry and various forms of empty presence meditation closest to his heart.

He teaches regular classes on meditationand hosts weekly tea ceremonies to help spread the dreaming. He is also the creator of the Wild Harmonic Oracle Cards; a modern divination deck for navigating the energetic world of the awakened dreamer.


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