Maui Meditation Classes

“Doctrines, scriptures, sutras, essays, are not to be regarded as systems to be followed. They merely contribute to understanding. They should be for us a source of stimulation, and nothing more… Adopted, rather than used as a stimulus, they are a hindrance.”
– Wei Wu Wei

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Meditation Overview


This form of Meditation is an inclusive approach to mediation that integrates the practices from both mindfulness (insight) meditation and creative (visualization) meditation practices. While often these two approaches to meditation are seen as polarized with one another, I find that they naturally create an harmonious union within those of us with both a mystical and creative inclination.

Class will begin with foundational practices for mindful meditation cultivation. From there we will explore our relationship with Creation by exploring our expanded energetic being though a very grounded system of chakras and energy awareness.

There are many systems of chakras and energy awareness around the world, and each offer their own possibilities of intentions and results. This approach begins with the unknotting of psychological energies directly via our energy body. We clear out creative invalidations, emotional entanglements, cultural misinformation and mental distractions in order to reveal our inherent, ever present, direct experience of energy flowing freely in the universe.

Main Aspects of  The Practice

This is a non-dogmatic form of mediation practice that explores the natural harmonies of mindfulness and energy work. It is the meeting place between the great polarities of being and becoming, or mysticism and magick. It is the practice of both being with spirit and creating with spirit.

There are two main aspects of this approach, the root and the growth or the practices of Natural and Creative Light.

The Root Practice of Natural Light

Practice begins, and continues throughout, with a mindfulness approach of cultivating direct awareness. In this practice we become the students of our breath, our body and our environment, learning to discern non-conceptual awareness and cultivate the beginner’s mind. With practice, our capabilities for mindfulness expand to include learning from our inner world of mind and feeling, and learning from our outer world of relationships and circumstances. As our experience and insight deepens we begin to recognize awareness itself as the essence of all experience.

The Growth Practices of Creative Light

Working from the mindful foundations of the root practice we explore energy; our abilities to see, feel and change energy within our own experience. What does it mean to heal? To transform? To manifest? While there are many aspects of energy work to explore, they are all an inquiry into our relationship with Creation, a relationship which I call Creativity, and our relationship with growth, which I also call energetic maturity. Maturity, certainty, seniority, trust, permission, harmony, grounding and centering are just some of the many topics which are explored within these practices which are based on an uncommon approach to the chakras.


Benefits of Regular Practice

If all one ever practiced was the root practice they would have a potential practice for life; a path of ever deepening insight and harmonization. For those with a metaphysical inclination, integrating the growth or creative practices of the chakras with such mindful ground reveals and opens many hidden gateways of enriching relations, vitalizing creativity and the art of living the wisdom of our unique individuality. The outcome of this journey is, of course, for each explorer to find for themselves.

In the root and growth practices we explore many facets of living life sensitive to subtle energies, such as personal and group energies, earth and cosmic energies, and the impact of the shadow side of culture upon our lives.

Upcoming Meditation Classes on Maui

In general I teach each week at the same times and places, but sometimes I get rescheduled or cover another teacher’s spot. Please check the calendar for actual days and times to make sure I will be there. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out.